September 26th, 2017

Me and my camera in someone else’s town, my united states, my downtown fresno

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  1. J Hammerschmidt says:

    I believe the luftenburg surname is more popular in Fresno than anywhere else in America. The family got their rare surname from living on a hill in northern Germany hence Luften or “to lift into the air”.

    In Fresno, this building is not on a hill and sits lower than most buildings.

    As for this photo, it is a great example of how leveraging the exaggeration of perpective can give one a sense of what it is like to stand at the very spot where the photo was taken.

    This is a fabulous street photo taken in downtown Fresno.

    • admin says:

      That’s great information. Thank you for sharing. Glad you liked the photograph too. It was taken opposite the now inoperative semolina factory. The bridal shop itself has been shut since January 2016. The fate of the Luftenburgs is unknown to me…

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