#MYLDN (1033)

December 15th, 2017

Me and my camera in my home town, my capital city, my london

There is an undeniable air of negative gloom hanging over the U.K at the moment and it shows no signs of abating. The writing is on the wall and its screaming “Run!”. It is indeed the shadow of Brexit that looms large across the country and has put most of us into an all pervasive pessimistic mood. Its difficult to shake as nothing but more shitty news seems to arrive each and every day indicating that everything is just going to get a whole lot worse. There is a distinct absence of hope for the future and everyone is feeling insecure about their work/life situation. There are those who have already flown the coop as Brexodus is in full swing (yes I mean you Lisbon lot!) but the rest of us who can’t/won’t leave are gonna just have to wait and see how far this fuckery is going to go.

So what to do? Watch as our elected bodies flush our country down the toilet? Pretend everything is ok whilst knowing it really isn’t and with no glimmer of hope that it is ever going to be? As inflation runs away in one direction and wages are being sucked back in the opposite direction there will come a time when life becomes unsustainable. There is a tipping point and we aren’t far from it. London is already piss take expensive. It is inconceivable that prices can be jacked up higher than they already are but that looks extremely fucking likely at the rate we are going. Our housing market (both rental and sales) is already beyond broken as everyone is paying through the nose for places not technically big enough for human beings to live in. Maybe when everyone else has been forced to leave the new population of this city will be rich hobbits who will be ok living in shoe boxes masquerading as homes.

We used to be called ‘Rip Off Britain’ and that was before Brexit and now I guess we are ‘Rip Up Britain’. It is an act of wilful self-destruction, country suicide, a relentless shit show that no-one in power has the ability or the balls to circumnavigate away from disaster. All aboard the slow mo train wreck…

Even non-political chat seems to be on a downer these days as the negativity seeps its way into everything and everyone. The general air of misery and uncertainty has permeated all aspects of life and all you hear are tales of woe and horror show after horror show and no-one seems to have anything good to say whatsoever. We are all beaten down. Depressed. Despondent. How can it get more fucked up than it already is?

I have no answers, no solutions to offer, not even a witty remark to add, there is really nothing funny about Brexit at all. Its just sad. What I really want is for this to be like that series in Dallas when Bobby Ewing woke up in the shower and the whole previous series had just been a dream…and Victoria Principle is staring into my eyes telling me everything is going to be ok. When your only hope is being saved from fictional characters from an 80s soap you know you’re in deep shit.

This week’s photographs are all part of my ongoing series “r u talkin to me”…

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