October 21st, 2016

link to video: https://youtu.be/0RojuzNo-Lc

I have just shot the music video above for the track Luxury Kills by Annie Bea feat. da7 which is released this week. The song and this video show the trappings of wealth and the restrictive nature of success . The photographs this week all run along a similar theme and used a desaturation technique  to highlight the intentional separation by the haves from the have nots. They use lavish purchases as  a way to create distance between them & those that can’t afford what they can. They act as if they might get ‘infected’ if they get too close to poverty. Wealth divides. That’s the point of it.

And yet, this process does not achieve them happiness so they spend more and more to satisfy a feeling that can’t be satiated. It is a hole that cannot be filled. A thirst that cannot be quenched. Enough really is never enough.

Expensive tastes often  become a prison as the top end of society can’t be happy unless they have the best of everything. They become dependent on it and can no longer accept average or normal. It just won’t do. Once you have the good stuff you can’t go back. You’re essentially fucked. You will have to forever live within luxurious means or suffer the consequences. Accidentally got an Uber deluxe home the other night and the seats were so friggin comfy you felt like each tiny bit of your body was being supported and my headrest had a massage function and now everything is shit so I am now less content than I was before I ever got into in the first place. And this is what we think will make us happy?

For the video I, erm, “appropriated” images from the RichKidsofInstagram website and it was sad how repetitive and identical everyone’s purchases and posts were. It seems once you get to a point when you have more dosh than you will ever need you blow it on the same cliched symbols of wealth and status: yachts, private jets, helicopters, large quantities of champagne, stupidly expensive watches, designer brands and high end sports cars. And in 3 years of posts (yes, I went through that many) no-one deviates from these 7 basic avenues of expenditure. They are all stuck in the same loop and don’t seem to know how to get out.

They are forced to barricade themselves behind these status symbols, in fear their identities will disappear altogether if they don’t.  They become incarcerated by the displays of their own wealth when the intention was to break free of the confines of normal society but they just end up in another prison. A fancy prison admittedly, but a prison nonetheless. And this is what people aspire to. Doesn’t really look that appealing when you look at it in this context and there is, in many ways, more cause for pity than envy. Remember…Luxury Kills.

Luxury Kills by Annie Bea feat. da7 was released this week. You can buy the 7inch from RoughTrade or download from iTunes.

(p.s) The video was made for £0.00 as a statement against excessive expenditure in creative projects. And there was no money either so we didn’t really have  a choice but that’s just details…

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  1. Alex Schneideman says:

    A- The video and track is (are) brilliant.

    B- The Rich Kids of Instagram is like an extreme that shows us what we’re capable of much like American Psycho tapped into the inherent violence that lies just under the surface. The difference being that American Psycho’s ultra violence were the imaginings of Bateman’s fracturing mind and RKoI are real. But like Batemen’s dreams RKoI represent our collective yearnings. You can’t stop it but you can show it. This is where dance meets polemic. I love it.

  2. James Niven says:

    When is enough, enough? As a species – at least the modern, western bit – we struggle with this question. We need to work it out because in a world of limited resources the answer will be taken out of our hands eventually. Loved the pics babycakes!

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October 20th, 2016

Me and my camera in my home town, my capital city, my london


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October 19th, 2016

Me and my camera in my home town, my capital city, my london


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October 18th, 2016

Me and my camera in my home town, my capital city, my london


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October 17th, 2016

Me and my camera in my home town, my capital city, my london




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October 15th, 2016

Me and my camera out clubbing, my dazed, my confused

dazed-25-1 dazed-25-2 dazed-25-3 dazed-25-4 dazed-25-5 dazed-25-6 dazed-25-7 dazed-25-8 dazed-25-9 dazed-25-10 dazed-25-11 dazed-25-12 dazed-25-13 dazed-25-14 dazed-25-15  dazed-25-17


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  1. jesse g says:

    Looks nice and weird 😉 Are those Dewaele bros in one of those shots?

    • bcr says:

      hi Jesse – yes the one and the same – the dewaeles aka 2manydjs – did the closing set at the party and ripped it up big time….best tunes of the night. it was kinda wild…cheers bcr

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October 14th, 2016

Me and my camera in my home town, my capital city, my london


To see the full gallery please click here

I have been walking with the undead on world zombie day for the last three years and I have to say they’re the loveliest bunch of people you could hope to meet. Its a strange oxymoron but its always the biggest freaks and the oddest looking bods that are the nicest types. The ones who wear their darkness on the outside are not the ones to be scared of. Its the ones who look like norms but who have a horror show on the inside who are the ones to really be afraid of. This lot were puppy dogs. Albeit covered in decaying flesh and gashes but puppy dogs nonetheless.

The zombie numbers have dwindled year in year out but it has made us a tighter community. Now that there are slightly less of us we have bonded more. I actually chatted to a  lot of fellow zombies this year. Good people. Drew and lynne. lovely couple. The woman who had tiny little zombie hands coming out of her pregnant bump. Ever so nice. The Feldmans (on the right of this photo) – super friendly, see them every year.

As for the bystanders, the passersby who stumble across our hoard of PLs (Post Lifers – that is the term we prefer to use. We don’t like the Z word really. Unless we are saying it to each other then its ok) their reactions range from disdain to joy to fear to I’m so dead on the inside (as oppose to being dead on the outside) I can’t even acknowledge what I’m looking at. I really think you can actually really judge a person based on how they react to a zombie.

There is something strangely liberating about pretending to be dead. Its the thing we all fear the most and when you try it on for size its really not so bad. Maybe if it was permanent it would be and I guess that’s the biggest drawback of death. Its pretty fucking permanent. Once you do it you never get to do anything else and that sucks but maybe being dead for it a bit is going to soften the blow when it does actually happen. This is my theory. Please don’t shatter my illusions.

This year we experienced what I am calling the ‘social media singularity’ (yes I am trying to make that happen) which basically means when you are at an event and there are more people documenting than participating. Something which seems to be increasing in these content hungry era we live in. So we crossed the tipping point this time and there were finally more photographers there than Zombies. We were constantly surrounded by a big mob of SLR wielding camerapeople who descended on us like a rabid bunch of erm Zombies. Where is it all going to end? With  photographers taking alternate shots of each other because there is no-one else actually left?

Anyways, I recommend pretending to be dead at least once in your life. You be surprised what a positive experience it can be.




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